Frequently Asked Questions

Prophetic Art is a visual art piece that reflects the Lord’s personal word for your life. The prophetic art piece will be accompanied by a prophetic word which opens up what the art piece is about. It is the Holy Spirit leading you into having a relationship with Jesus Christ. Prophetic Art is an aid to open up a conversation with Jesus. It can be a reminder of what God is saying and how much the Lord is personal towards you.

Definitely! Drawing at Dipping Night is awesome, but know that Dipping Night is not the only time Prophetic Art is available. Whether it’s a zoom call to see the process (for Tiers 1 & 2), in person for an event, or just the art piece without meeting face to face; there are many ways to receive prophetic art.

For those who don’t know about Dipping Night;

Dipping Night is a special event where visitors get to encounter the voice of the Lord for themselves. On this night people are introduced to the prophetic. This night is hosted by the church TORCC NY in connection with it’s prophetic school called ‘The School of Apostles and Prophets (or SOAP). It is a night about igniting purpose, bringing spiritual maturity, developing a communicative relationship with Jesus, and releasing true identity. On Dipping Night I create Prophetic art in person with traditional mediums.

To find out more about Dipping Night, you can check out – 


No you don’t, but this is an amazing opportunity to get to know how personal The Lord Jesus Christ is and how much He loves you.  You get to hear His voice personally and see what He’s saying to you.

I can do more than just prophetic art! I can also create commercial and personal commissions. Please contact us for commission inquiries for more questions that you may have.

Sure! I’d love to be a part of creating the God given vision you have. Or even if it’s a favorite scripture that speaks out to you. It wouldn’t be considered prophetic art but a general commission. Under Second Breath Studios, the label of prophetic art is applied when the artist is drawing the vision for the patron. Not the patron giving the vision. The price range will go beyond Tier 1 & 2 and into the Tier 3 range starting at $500. 

I work both traditionally and digitally. Traditionally I use Watercolors, Inks,  Acrylics, and Oils (with limited slots). With watercolors and inks, I work on watercolor cotton paper. Acrylics & Oils work on wood panel and Canvas.

Yes, depending on the artists’ schedule, I am located in Bronx NY. I’m willing to travel interstate or international, the price on live events and commissions do not include travel. The client must provide the plane/travel ticket (roundtrip), and a hotel room for the night of the event, depending on the location.