Second Breath Studios is a Visual Arts Company that provides primarily Prophetic Art, Illustration, and Graphic Design. We strive to release excellence and wonder in all that is visual. We can be available for live events as well.

You can check out some prophetic art & illustration samples through our gallery page:

Our Services

Our services include Prophetic Art, General Illustration, and Graphic Design.

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Statement of faith

We at Second Breath Studios believe in The Lord Jesus Christ. Our Prophetic Art is deeply inspired by the Holy Spirit. We believe in the Holy Trinity; consisting of God The Father, Jesus Christ, and the third person being The Holy Spirit of God. Our scriptural foundation is the Holy Bible, we believe in all 66 books in it. We strongly believe in the need for the local Church, laying the foundation for the prophetic and the apostolic.

About The Artist

Jonathan Paredes

Jonathan was born and raised in Bronx NY. He attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and majored in General illustration. He works with a variety of mediums between digital and traditional painting. This includes acrylic, watercolor, and ink. Before Jon became a believer, he would ask “what’s the purpose of my art?” Doctors, lawyers, and other  careers served a tangible purpose.

After receiving his training in the prophetic from his church (TORCC NY), a new purpose has emerged to connect people with the real and living God through the vehicle of art. Why not share that experience with others?

Jonathan is also happily married to his wonderful wife, Ashley; and together they have a beautiful son.

our Affiliations


Times of Refreshing Christian Center New York (or TORCC NY) works very closely with Second Breath Studios and provides spiritual oversight. Click on the image to go to their site.


Jonathan received his prophetic training in the School of Apostles  and Prophets for more than 5 years. Click on the image to go to their site.