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Prophetic Art

Above are some examples of prophetic art made for different people.

What is Prophetic Art?

Prophetic Art is visual artwork that shows you what does the Lord Jesus Christ want to say to you personally here and now. It is artwork that will uplift you and can inspire you into seeing the reality of God’s love for you. 

How does Prophetic Art work?

• First we’ll ask you to let us know who is the prophetic art piece for through our Order Form. Art can be requested for Yourself or as a gift for a loved one. 

• We seek through vision and prayer what does the Lord Jesus Christ want to say about the person through a vision. Once we get the vision from the Lord, we draw or paint the vision that we see (depending on the Order/Tier).

• Timeframes may very depending on the Tier level of the order or the volume of the orders we already have.

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